OceanCurrent - Google Earth example

An example Google Earth screen-grab showing the track [source] of ocean kayaker Shaun Quincy just two days into his voyage from Australia to New Zealand, overlain on our near-real-time ocean analysis. Shaun has positioned himself to exploit the rapid eastward velocity along the front between the warm Coral Sea water on his left and the cooler Tasman Sea water on his right. The black arrows show the motion of the water over 24h, estimated from the gradient of sea-level, which is measured by satellite altimeters. The temperature of the water (measured by a NOAA satellite) is shown with red denoting water that is 4degC warmer than usual for the region, and blue denoting 4 degC colder than usual. The magenta arrow heads show the positions at 12h intervals of a Global Lagrangian Drifter, moving in good agreement with the satellite estimates.

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