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When cyclones collide

David Griffin

19 April, 2021

While TC Seroja and TC Odette were off the coast of WA, two cyclones of a very different kind have come together off Newcastle. These are oceanic cyclones - clockwise rotating bodies of water with low...

TC Niran’s cold core eddy heading for Lizard Island

Madeleine Cahill

14 March, 2021

Tropical Cyclone Niran circled in a small region off Cairns for 4-5 days as it developed from a tropical storm to a Category 2 tropical cyclone before intensifying as it sped southeast. When a cyclone...

Drifting to shore

Amandine Schaeffer, Neil Malan (Coastal and Regional Oceanography Lab, UNSW)

22 February, 2021

For centuries, drifting bottles have been used to map ocean currents, building our understanding of how objects and organisms travel with the flow. In modern times, these drifters are floating buoys, with...