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Strong Upwelling Again for the West Coast of New Zealand

Madeleine Cahill

17 January, 2020

Shelf waters all along New Zealand’s west coast are again very cold, even colder than the January 2019 event, with anomalies of -2 to -3°C (Figure 1). The same atmospheric conditions that created cooler...

Sydney to Hobart update

Jessica Sweeney

24 December, 2019

This year’s Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race promises to have a fast start in fresh northeasterly winds on Boxing Day afternoon. Boat speeds will be assisted by a new lobe of the East Australian Current that...

A marine heatwave off Western Australia?

Chari Pattiaratchi

23 December, 2019

As temperatures on mainland Australia have been breaking records in the past 2-3 weeks similar conditions are also present in the ocean, particularly along Western Australia (WA). Here, the entire western...