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How did Ella's message in a bottle get to Queensland from Tasmania?

David Griffin and Madeleine Cahill

23 October, 2018

Oceanographic wisdom is that waters off eastern Tasmania are either south-bound in the ‘Tasman leakage’ of East Australian Current waters into the Great Australian Bight, or east-bound in the ‘west...

Sea Level: Rising Faster as the Ice Sheets Melt

Madeleine Cahill

12 October, 2018

Sea level has risen, on average, 8cm over the last 25 years of satellite altimetry (see figure). It doesn’t seem that much - so what’s the fuss? Firstly, sea level has been rising since the industrial...

Argo-Observed Bass Strait Water Off Central New South Wales

Peter Oke and Tatiana Rykova

6 September, 2018

An Argo float (WMO # 5902378; deployed in 2014) that drifted near the continental shelf off central New South Wales on 12 August 2018, showed cold and slightly fresh waters below 200 m depth – but nothing...