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Cold Start to Summer for Tasmanian Coastal Waters

Madeleine Cahill

22 November, 2019

As we head into summer and solar radiation nears its annual maximum, sea surface temperatures around Tasmania are not heating up as much as we might expect and the percentiles indicate they are well below...

Harnessing oceanographic data to explain spatial variation in fish condition

Curtis Champion and Alistair Hobday

28 October, 2019

Oceanographic data has become an invaluable resource for understanding and predicting when and where marine species are likely to be found. This is because, much like goldilocks, mobile marine animals...

Frontal eddies and the EAC array

Iain Suthers and Madeleine Cahill

24 September, 2019

Frontal eddies (affectionately known as “freddies”) are small eddies that form from instabilities on fronts between two different water masses. These eddies behave very differently from the large East...