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Profiling the waters around the Kerguelen Plateau - hard-working seals and drifting Argo floats.

Gabriela S. Pilo

8 June, 2022

The Kerguelen Plateau (KP) is located in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean. It has a unique ecosystem, and one of the most valuable fisheries in Antarctic waters – the Patagonian Toothfish....

Monthly Mean SST Anomalies – Time Series Product: The Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand

Madeleine Cahill

12 April, 2022

We have developed a new product to complement the maps of SST anomalies – time series of region-averaged Sea Surface Temperature anomaly (‘SST Anom v time’ in the menu). SST anomalies (relative to...

Surface waves product added to IMOS-OceanCurrent

Salman Saeed Khan & Mark Hemer

21 March, 2022

We are pleased to announce the addition of an entirely new product to our suite of visualisations – 2-hourly maps of surface waves. The new maps present a combination of near real-time wave information...