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Bonney Coast Upwelling 2020

Madeleine Cahill

28 March, 2020

The Bonney coast upwelling season developed slowly this summer with the first signs of cold coastal water appearing in late December but consistent upwelling-favourable winds since early February have...

Port to Pub 2020

Madeleine Cahill

12 March, 2020

The Port to Pub swim from Fremantle to Rottnest is coming up on Saturday March 21. Like last year, we have the ‘swim-optimiser’ ready to go. The optimiser gives you the hourly forecast currents (from...

The Great Barrier Reef Cools - A Little

Madeleine Cahill

3 March, 2020

As the cloud clears from the coast of Queensland we are just starting to see the impact of the cooling on the sea surface temperatures. The SST anomalies from Feb 18 show the southern half of the GBR had...