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Bluebottles, Upwelling and Tasman Sea Warming – that Blocking High is Back.

Madeleine Cahill

11 January, 2019

Masses of bluebottles have been turning up on southern Queensland beaches over the last week with thousands of people being stung. Further south, upwelled water has been cooling beach temperatures along...

Sydney-Hobart briefing

David Griffin

22 December, 2018

Sailors in the Sydney-Hobart yacht race almost always benefit from a few knots of favourable current at some point in the race. But where this happens is different every year, and the amount of favourable...

How did Ella's message in a bottle get to Queensland from Tasmania?

David Griffin and Madeleine Cahill

23 October, 2018

Oceanographic wisdom is that waters off eastern Tasmania are either south-bound in the ‘Tasman leakage’ of East Australian Current waters into the Great Australian Bight, or east-bound in the ‘west...