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Argo-Observed Bass Strait Water Off Central New South Wales

Peter Oke and Tatiana Rykova

6 September, 2018

An Argo float (WMO # 5902378; deployed in 2014) that drifted near the continental shelf off central New South Wales on 12 August 2018, showed cold and slightly fresh waters below 200 m depth – but nothing...

Four-Hour SST and a New Navigator

Madeleine Cahill and Roger Scott

4 September, 2018

Our new Four-hour SST product is now available on OceanCurrent. It uses Himawari-8 SST images (and all other available SST) to provide 6 images per day. Four-hour SST, as its name implies,  provides...

Frontal systems on the Australian north-west shelf

Chari Pattiaratchi

12 June, 2018

Ocean fronts, defined as regions of large horizontal gradients in water properties (temperature, salinity etc), are areas of high productivity globally. Recent satellite imagery from the north-west shelf...