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Launceston to Hobart Currents

Jessica Sweeney, David Griffin & Bernadette Sloyan

24 December, 2020

The race from Sydney has been cancelled, but the fleet racing from Launceston to Hobart remain on track to depart on the 27th of December. This race involves not just the winds, waves and ocean currents,...

Sydney to Hobart Outlook

Jessica Sweeney

18 December, 2020

It may have been a strange year for those of us onshore, but the East Australian Current (EAC) is still up to its usual tricks for the upcoming Sydney to Hobart Race. In the lead up to Boxing Day, sailors...

Chlorophyll imagery from MODIS is updating again

David Griffin

5 November, 2020

The processing of MODIS has resumed, in time to see a strong signal in Tasmanian waters. Is this a spring bloom, possibly explaining why lots of humpback whales (chasing the zooplankton possibly thriving...