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Frontal eddies and the EAC array

Iain Suthers and Madeleine Cahill

24 September, 2019

Frontal eddies (affectionately known as “freddies”) are small eddies that form from instabilities on fronts between two different water masses. These eddies behave very differently from the large East...

Cold core eddy diverts EAC waters offshore, replacing it with cold water

Madeleine Cahill

19 September, 2019

A cold-core eddy began to develop well offshore from Brisbane in early July. By July 23, the eddy had become very large and had developed a patch of cooler water along its western side. In early August,...

Tidal current predictions: go ahead and use them (conditions apply)

David Griffin

11 September, 2019

Have you ever wondered why predictions of tidal sea level are readily available, while predictions of tidal currents are not? It's mostly because tidal currents only account for a large fraction of the...