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Great Barrier Reef Bleaching 2020

Madeleine Cahill and Andrew Lenton

1 September, 2020

The ­ARC COE for Coral Reef Studies has reported that the Great Barrier Reef experienced a severe bleaching event last summer. An aerial survey indicated bleaching occurred all along the length of the...

MODIS Ocean Colour Outage

Madeleine Cahill

26 August, 2020

There has been no MODIS Aqua Ocean Colour data since August 16. Communication with the satellite is the issue, otherwise the satellite and sensor seem to be operating as normal. NASA are still investigating...

40h adrift in the EAC - a survival story

David Griffin

28 May, 2020

Late on New Year’s Eve 1995 Mark Beveridge’s prawn trawler, the Jay Dee, was hit by a large ship 16 miles or so out from Southport on the Gold Coast. Mark was the only person on board. His boat sank...