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Port to Pub Swim: Strong Northward Currents Forecast

Madeleine Cahill

13 March, 2019

Swim conditions for the Port-to-Pub this Saturday could be challenging! The ocean current forecast from the Oceans Institute of UWA is for strong northward currents for the second half of the course throughout...

Upwelling keeps South Island cool this summer

Madeleine Cahill

28 February, 2019

The Tasman Sea experienced another burst of solar heating this year, very similar to January last year, when sea surface temperatures were more than 3┬░C above average in a large area, around New Zealand....

Weak Northward Currents Forecast for Rottnest Swim

Madeleine Cahill

20 February, 2019

Conditions are looking good for the swim this year. A weak (<0.5knot) northward current in the second half of the race that turns northwestward around midday may even provide a gentle push in the middle...