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Tidal current predictions: go ahead and use them (conditions apply)

David Griffin

11 September, 2019

Have you ever wondered why predictions of tidal sea level are readily available, while predictions of tidal currents are not? It's mostly because tidal currents only account for a large fraction of the...

Reversal of the usual flow along the Great Barrier Reef

Jessica Sweeney (Bureau of Meteorology)

13 August, 2019

The cold core eddy generated by Tropical Cyclone Oma near Vanuatu back in February is causing a reversal of surface currents along the outer shelf of the GBR  in August. As described in the OceanCurrent...

Marine heatwaves – looking under the surface

Madeleine Cahill, Jessica Benthuysen and Amandine Schaeffer

1 August, 2019

Marine heatwaves have become more frequent around the globe and Australia is no exception. In the ocean, heatwaves are usually described by their surface expression through satellite SST but the subsurface...