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Ocean glider reveals the impact of a break in the clouds

Madeleine Cahill

9 April, 2019

An ocean glider was deployed offshore from Hinchinbrook Island on the Great Barrier Reef just a few weeks after the unprecedented rains in February. It sampled what was left of the fresh water plume and...

Great Barrier Reef gets a reprieve from the heat this year

Craig Steinberg and Madeleine Cahill

27 March, 2019

The GBR has had a welcome reprieve from the heat this year with below-average Sea Surface Temperatures particularly in January and February (see right, 17 Feb SST Percentiles), the time when water temperatures...

Port to Pub Swim: Strong Northward Currents Forecast

Madeleine Cahill

13 March, 2019

Swim conditions for the Port-to-Pub this Saturday could be challenging! The ocean current forecast from the Oceans Institute of UWA is for strong northward currents for the second half of the course throughout...