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40h adrift in the EAC - a survival story

David Griffin

28 May, 2020

Late on New Year’s Eve 1995 Mark Beveridge’s prawn trawler, the Jay Dee, was hit by a large ship 16 miles or so out from Southport on the Gold Coast. Mark was the only person on board. His boat sank...

Glider reveals extreme heating to 40m depth on the Southern GBR

Madeleine Cahill

16 April, 2020

An ocean glider, deployed on the southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR), has captured the vertical profile of temperature (right) indicating the extreme temperatures at the surface had extended right to the...

Bonney Coast Upwelling 2020

Madeleine Cahill

28 March, 2020

The Bonney coast upwelling season developed slowly this summer with the first signs of cold coastal water appearing in late December but consistent upwelling-favourable winds since early February have...