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IMOS in the wake of HMAS Diamantina

Prof Lynnath Beckley, Murdoch University

21 May, 2019

On 14th May 2019, the RV Investigator departed Fremantle on an oceanographic voyage to the 110°E meridian in the south-east Indian Ocean. This voyage (ship track on OceanCurrent) is following in the...

Ocean glider reveals the impact of a break in the clouds

Madeleine Cahill

9 April, 2019

An ocean glider was deployed offshore from Hinchinbrook Island on the Great Barrier Reef just a few weeks after the unprecedented rains in February. It sampled what was left of the fresh water plume and...

Great Barrier Reef gets a reprieve from the heat this year

Craig Steinberg and Madeleine Cahill

27 March, 2019

The GBR has had a welcome reprieve from the heat this year with below-average Sea Surface Temperatures particularly in January and February (see right, 17 Feb SST Percentiles), the time when water temperatures...